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My letter to Debbie Schlussel

You may already be aware of my fascination with Debbie Schlussel. You'll be interested to know that my opinion of Debbie has changed dramatically over the last few days. I would like to share with you this e-mail that I sent her only minutes ago, thanking her for all of the hard work she is doing.


Hi Debbie!

You probably don't remember me - I e-mailed you a couple of months back in regards to your review of Watchmen. At one point I called you "a desperate huckster incapable of rational thought," but I wanted you to know that my opinion of you has changed dramatically since then.

You see, I was certain that no one could be as prejudiced against all races as you seem to be, and I was right. I see now that you are not a hard right zealot but rather a satirical genius, developing a new and exciting form of comedy - an Andy Kaufman for a modern age, if you will. You go beyond the simple posturing of, say, Stephen Colbert, tightly embracing the persona of the conservative blogger.

I admit to wondering at times if perhaps you've taken the character to a point of absurdity that no one could fully believe, like in your review of Terminator Salvation when you drew parallels between Arabs and Skynet. But then I realised that's exactly what a conservative blogger would do! Finding evidence to support their world view in absolutely everything they come across is a common trait!

Your skill puts most mainstream comedy writers to shame. Other people would have baulked at the idea of nicknaming Sonia Sotomayor "So-So," referencing a media star who hasn't been relevant since 2006. But your knowledge of how the conservative mind works, distinctly unaware of changes in modern society and culture, means that you weren't caught out!

Do you know many conservatives? Your expertise in how they think is incredible. Also, it's remarkable that you've managed to convince so many xenophobic right wingers to sign up to your site and comment with all the vitriol they can produce. It's the sign of any good comedy, peeling back the thin veneer of respectability to reveal the dark thoughts that sadly permeate through so many minds.

Anyway, keep up the good work. Your articles are far funnier than anything more popular satirical sites like The Onion could ever hope to produce, and I am in no doubt that your genius will be recognised by your comedy peers and the general public for years to come.

Take care



If you would like to share your love of her satirical columns you can e-mail Debbie at writedebbie@gmail.com. She tries to read every e-mail personally, so let her know!


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Jun. 4th, 2009 06:57 pm (UTC)
A most excellent letter. I'm sure Ms. Schlussel will be so pleased to read it (if indeed, she understands it)!

Well done!
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